Percius Car Hire Ltd explained that the intention was to have a lease agreement that ended with its expiry. The subsequent offer to purchase was a separate agreement that consisted of the possibility of another contract beyond the lease agreement. It was clear that the lease agreement was considering another agreement on the expiry of the lease after Percius made an offer to Car Hire Ltd and Hili Investments Ltd made use of its option by accepting the offer within the allotted time. At the end of the rental period, you have full ownership of your Toyota. The first civil court room found that Hili Investments Ltd. had stated that its agreement was in the nature of a lease-sale agreement, while Percius Car Hire Ltd objected. Exastled by the decision of the first eel of the civil court, Percius Car Hire Ltd filed a complaint requesting its removal. It submitted that article 4 of the agreement would amount to a promise to sell once the offer had been accepted. Percius Car Hire Ltd stated that Hili Investments Ltd should not give within the time frame set in accordance with the original agreement. Hili Investments Ltd stated that Percius Car Hire Ltd did not comply with the terms of the new agreement. Although percius Car Hire Ltd took the car for repairs, it always insisted on paying for the rental of the car after October 2005. RENAULT has created this website to allow you to get the latest information on Renault products and services provided by us and renault Dealer Network. We hope you enjoy using the site.

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