The program database is provided by Pervasive Software, Inc. (“Pervasive”). As part of its efforts to enable valid software licenses, Pervasive collects information about software and systems, including, but not limited to, information about your hardware, network and operating system, to clearly link the computer to your pervasive licenses. Data is collected during uninstalling facilities, product updates and any licensing management. No personal identity information is collected. Sage rejects all explicit and unspoken safeguards, including, but not only, tacit market and adequacy guarantees for specific use of software, hardware or third-party services provided by Applianz, Inc. Sage is in no way responsible for direct, indirect, fortuitous, special, exemplary or consequential damage (including, but not limited, to the purchase of alternative goods or services); Loss of usage, data or profits or interruption of service), however, and to any theory of liability, whether in the contract, strict liability or an unlawful act (including negligence or any other) resulting in some way from the use of software, hardware or services of third parties of Applianz, Inc. The following conditions apply to any customer (individual or entity) (“customer” or “you”) who concedes RSMeans® construction cost data and associated proprietary information (“cost data”) in connection with the purchase/license of Sage`s customer. Through a license granted by R.S. Means Company LLC (“RSMeans”), Sage grants the customer a sublicensing under the following conditions, which defines the customer`s rights to access and use cost data. If you subscribe to Avalara, Inc.`s tax services in connection with your software, you are subject to the provisions of the Avalara Master Services Agreement. (Download of the agreement) If you purchased a license for Microsoft SQL Server, this Microsoft SQL Server user agreement applies to the use of Microsoft SQL Server. If you purchased a test copy of Microsoft SQL Server, you should not use the test copy for more than 120 days.

Your use of Office Connector Starter for Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate is exclusively subject to the terms of Event 1 Software`s end-user license agreement. (Download of the agreement) A. LICENCE: Under an agreement with RSMeans, Sage offers the customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited sub-license for the duration of its license to Sage software for the use and display of the cost data contained in the software, provided you fully comply with this addition. The client license allows the use and display of the cost data provided in the software only for regular use as part of the construction and related work estimate. You can check the end-user licensing agreements for Sage`s products by selecting the corresponding product below. Some agreements contain additional software licensing conditions, which are also linked below. For SEI, which is provided as local software, you are responsible for having and maintaining the usual industry backup/recovery processes for customer data and software data, including reconstructing lost or modified source data.