From the buyer`s point of view, choosing a used vehicle has its own advantages – if the vehicle is reasonably new. For example, there are no high registration or insurance fees to pay, as is the case for new vehicles. You don`t need an insurance policy while you want to sell a car, but it`s a must if you have to transfer the vehicle from one person to another. Insurance, as we all know, is mandatory for everyone to drive a car on Indian roads. The importance of insurance is not only to comply with the law, but also to cover damage to vehicles and to build up involuntary claims. “For vehicles manufactured after April 2010, the PUC must be renewed every 12 months, but vehicles manufactured before must renew the PUC every 3 months.” Click on the links to download the vehicle sales forms. An affidavit for the sale of vehicles is a document drawn up and sworn in the name of the purchaser and generally certified by a notary. He mentions the sale and the details of the delivery. And on the responsibilities of the buyer in the transfer of securities and liabilities with respect to violations committed after delivery and up to such a transfer. The registration certificate, commonly known as RC, is proof that your vehicle is registered under the Indian government. It is not only mandatory for a quadricycle, but also has the same value for a two-wheeler. You must have it without flaws, printing errors and misspellings, otherwise you cannot transfer ownership of the car. If your RC has been lost or stolen, you must submit an FIR.

However, you can fill out the RTO 26 form and apply for a double RC. The purchaser of a vehicle must ensure that the vehicle is free of any traffic offences and that no fines are to be paid. This can be guaranteed by checking the city`s traffic police portal. It is important to ensure that the seller`s identification is verified and that the signatures on the forms must be made in the presence of the buyer. The buyer must ensure that the seller has and has, among other things, all the necessary documents in terms of registration, taxation, insurance. Ideally, a copy of the seller`s identity document should be collected after checking the original. An affidavit of sale of vehicles must be made on behalf of a buyer, as all risks associated with the vehicle must be passed on to the seller until the property is finally transferred through the relevant Regional Transportation Authority. 1- That I sold my vehicle, that is to say – with its registration number. The No_____and rental contract and the electricity bill are also allowed in some countries. The vehicle sales contract helps avoid litigation over the sale of the vehicle in the future. Important details about the vehicle can be included in this agreement.