The Manchester Guardian covered every corner of history, from the details of the deal Chamberlain, which appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, to unease among other nations. One editorial found that the sheet of paper he was waving on his return to Britain was almost worthless. … The solution to the Czechoslovakian problem that has just been found is, in my opinion, only the prelude to a larger colony in which all Europe can find peace. This morning I had another meeting with the German Chancellor, Mr. Hitler, and this is the document that bears his name, as well as mine. Some of you may have already heard what it contains, but I`d just like to read it to you: ` … We consider the agreement signed last night and the Anglo-German naval agreement as a symbol of the desire of our two peoples never to go to war again. [96] When Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy signed the Munich Agreement in the early hours of September 30, 1938, the Nazis recaptured the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia, where ethnic Germans live mainly on the Czech border. The treaty also allowed Germany to retake Czechoslovakia, which they officially did on March 15, 1939. It should be noted that Czechoslovakia was not represented at the conference that decided the fate of that country. The agreement is later seen as a failed attempt to avoid a war with Nazi Germany. Although the British and French were satisfied, a British diplomat in Berlin said that he had been informed by a member of Hitler`s entourage that shortly after the meeting with Chamberlain, Hitler had said angrily: “Gentlemen, this was my first international conference and I can assure you that this will be my last.” [45] On another occasion, he had been heard by Chamberlain: “If this stupid old man ever intervenes again with his umbrella, I will shoot him and jump on his stomach in front of the photographers.” [45] [46] [47] In one of his public speeches after Munich, Hitler declared, “Thank God we have no politicians in this country.” [45] [46] [48] Czechoslovakians were appalled by the colony of Munich.